Dear Local Businesses,

I like to introduce myself , my name is Flor Rohr, and I am very happy to announce that I recently started a non-profit organization named “ Kidz@ Play Recreation Community Service – A NJ Nonprofit Corporation” located at 281 Main Street in Belleville, New Jersey.

The mission at Kidz @ Play Recreation Community Service is to provide a kid friendly atmosphere in a playful, educational and safe environment for children with disabilities and for children from low-income families. We are dedicated to teaching children healthy eating, art skills, music appreciation and recreation with lots of love and care from our staff

 We will provide several services throughout the year. During the school year we will provide after school programs and during the summer we will provide full day programs.

 Provide nutritional meals for the children thought the day. We will educate both the children and parent with educational materials provided by the USDA website . We are also behind the First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘ Lets`s Move!” campaign that will combat the epidemic of childhood obesity. We to believe that parents play a key role in making healthy choices for their children because the earliest decisions regarding food occur at home. We will provide well balance meals for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Art & craft workshop where the kids will develop their creativity among other long lasting qualities. We have found that arts & crafts can be a valuable aid to improve child development therefore; we will provide workshops for all ages. We will also incorporate computerized art: graphic arts, in our workshops.

Music appreciation workshop: We have found that music enhances a child’s ability to think, learn, reason and create. Music appreciation activities at a young age produce many benefits which include: simply enhancing the quality of life, directly supporting language development and other cognitive growth. Our one staff member has been a musician for over 20 years and will teach the children basics of music.

Another services we will provide is “Parenting”. We will provide information on healthy eating and basic parenting skills. Skills that address issues of communication, discipline, decision making, relationships, self-control and school success. These skills will enable parents to learn to nature their children`s negative behaviors and increase their positive behaviors.